Protein Expression

Our Protein Expression Services Include:

Baculovirus Expression Systems

Texcell has experience with common baculovirus expression systems including Sf9, Sf21 and Hi5.

Advantages of BEVS:

  • Correct folding of recombinant proteins
  • High levels of protein expression
  • Correct post-translational modifications
  • Ability to use large cDNA inserts
  • Expression of multiple genes
  • Secreted or cell-associated proteins
  • Large-scale production possible

Mammalian Expression Systems

  • Experience with: HEK293, CHOK1, Flp-In CHO, and many others
  • Stable cell line development
  • Transient gene expression via transfection or electroporation

Our team’s decades of expertise in custom protein expression and our distinctive services will not only make the process from gene synthesis to stable cell line generation seamless but also ensure the most efficient outcome.