GMP Cell Banking

GMP Cell Banking With Texcell

Texcell now offers GMP cell banking services!

In 2016, the construction of our new GMP cell banking facility was completed. The facility has been inspected and is certified by the European Medical Agency (EMA). Our GMP cell banking is conducted in ISO 5 and ISO 7 classified locations and the suites can be operated in positive or negative pressure. Cell banks are filled in a dedicated ISO 5 suite utilizing an automated filling instrument. A controlled-rate freezer is utilized to freeze filled vials, which are then stored in one of our monitored -150°C freezers.

Our Experience

Our team has experience producing and testing hundreds of cell lines including CHO, HEK, Vero, HeLa, 3T3, Lymphocytes, and Sf9.

A One Stop Shop: Manufacture & Test Your Bank

Texcell performs GMP cell bank manufacturing, characterization, and testing under one roof, increasing efficiency and decreasing timelines. A dedicated project manager is readily available to provide you with updates on the progress of your cell bank’s production, testing and characterization, as it moves from one department to the next.

Flexible Scheduling & Rapid Product Release

Our dedicated team of cell culture and viral safety testing experts work to ensure that your cell banking and safety testing needs are met. Banks are produced and tested in-house, significantly reducing timelines.

Competitive Pricing

Texcell brings quality and value to every service we perform. Reach out for a quote today and see how Texcell can best meet your needs with a cost-effective cell bank production, characterization and testing. |