Assay Development and Transfer

Texcell offers the complete development, transfer, and optimization of custom assays. For advanced development programs, we propose a technology transfer of your current protocols under strictly confidential conditions, followed by validation and testing in our GLP/GCLP/GMP-approved laboratory.

Test Development

  • Feasibility studies
  • Coating concentrations
  • Saturation buffers
  • Minimal Required Dilution / Matrix effect
  • Specificity checks
  • Sensitivity optimization
  • Definition of tentative Working Range
  • Multiplexing

Additional services

  • Production of suitable dedicated antibodies (polyclonal or monoclonal, affinity purification, coupling with enzymes)
  • Production of cells, including Master and Working Cell Banks (MCB/WCB) for cell-based assay.
  • Production of proteins (see our Bioproduction section)