Flow Cytometry

During clinical trials of vaccines or immunotherapies, studies of cell surface markers on T cells are useful for evaluating the efficacy of a drug, both in vitro and in vivo.

A custom panel of markers:

Texcell offers full-service development of protocols for the cytometric measurement of specific surface or intracytoplasmic markers. We also can transfer an existing protocol into our labs.

Our scientists are trained on a 5-color flow cytometer (a Beckman Coulter FC 500).

Each panel of markers is validated:

  • Standardization of materials / Calibration beads
  • Standardization of methods / Positive control, internal control (PBMCs), single labelling, isotype controls

Flow Cytometry applications:

  • Immunomonitoring
  • TK/PK assays
  • Endpoint Bioassays (Potency Assays)

At each stage of development of your product, bioassays can be designed for evaluating its immune system activity.

For example, PBMCs–isolated from patients or blood donors–or cell lines can be cultivated in the presence of the drug or food supplement. At culture endpoint, intracellular cytokines or cell subpopulations (lymphocytes, macrophages, etc.) can be evaluated in order to assess the drug’s efficacy.