Virus Panel

Texcell’s Virus Stocks

The quality of the virus stock utilized during a viral clearance evaluation is critical. High titer virus stocks with low DNA and protein concentrations, in addition to high monomer content, are best suited for evaluating virus removal and inactivation processes. Our team of scientists has worked diligently to develop quality virus stocks specifically for utilization in viral clearance studies.

What Viruses Should I Test?

Selecting your virus panel depends on the unique characteristics of your product. Accounting for raw material inputs and environmental variables are instrumental when selecting your virus panel.

Typical Viruses Evaluated During a Viral Clearance Study Include: 

  • RNA Enveloped (HIV-1, XMuLV, EMuLV, & BVDV)
  • RNA Non-enveloped (Reo 3, HAV, & Polio)
  • DNA Enveloped (PRV & HSV)
  • DNA Non-enveloped (PPV, MMV, & SV40)

Texcell’s Virus Panel

Virus  Abbreviation Family  Size Physicochemical Resistance 
  RNA Enveloped
  Human immunodeficiency virus- 1 HIV-1 Lentiviridae  80-110 Low
  Xenotropic murine leukemia virus XMuLV Retroviridae  80-100 Low
  Bovine viral diarrhea virus BVDV Flaviviridae 40-60 Low
  Vesicular stomatitis virus VSV Rhabdoviridae 70-150 Low
  Parainfluenza type 3 PI-3 Paramyxoviridae 100-200 Low
  Influenza A virus (H1N1) H1N1 Orthomomyxoviridae 80-120 Medium
  Influenza A virus (H3N8) H3N8 Orthomomyxoviridae 80-120 Medium
  Sinbis virus Sinbis Togaviridae 40-60 Low
  Transmissible gastroenteritis virus TGEV Corobaviridae 80-120 Medium
  West Nile virus WNV Flaviviridae 45-50 Medium
  Yellow fever virus YFV Flaviviridae 45-50 Medium
  Moloney murine leukemia virus E-MLV Retroviridae  80-100 Low
  RNA Non-Enveloped
  Reovirus type 3 Reo-3 Reoviridae 60-80 Medium
  Poliovirus type 1 POV Picornaviridae 25-30 Medium
  Encephalomyocarditis virus EMCV Picornaviridae 25-30 Medium
  Human hepatitis A virus HAV Picornaviridae 25-30 Medium
  Equine rhinovirus ERV-1 Picornaviridae 28-30 Medium
  Feline calicivirus FeCV Caliciviridae 35-39 High
  Theiler virus Theiler Picornaviridae 28-30 Medium
  DNA Enveloped 
  Pseudorabies virus PRV Herpesviridae 120-200 Medium
  Human herpes simplex virus type 1 HSV-1 Herpesviridae 120-200 Medium
  Human herpes simplex virus type 2 HSV-2 Herpesviridae 120-200 Medium
  Baculovirus BV Baculoviridae 120-200 Medium
  Vaccinia virus Vaccinia Poxviridae 170-260 Medium
  DNA Non-Enveloped
  Human adenovirus type 5 ADV Adenoviricae 70-90 Medium
  Simian virus 40 SV-40 Polyomaviridae 40-50 High
  Porcine parvovirus PPV Parvoviridae 18-24 High
  Minute virus of mice MVM Parvoviridae 18-24 High
  Porcine circovirus type 1 PCV-1 Circoviridae 15-20 Very High
  Canine parvovirus CPV Parvoviridae 18-24 High

 Almost all of our viruses are available in titers ≥8 logs. High titer virus stocks help to optimize LRV results by:

  • Allowing use of lower spiking volume
  • Maintaining the integrity of the test article

In addition to high titer virus stocks, Texcell also offers Extra Pure (XP) stocks. XP virus stocks are ideal for use in filtration studies. The low DNA and protein concentrations and high monomer content of these virus stocks help reduce flux decay that could be induced by the virus spike.

Viruses Available in Extra Pure (XP) Stocks

RNA Enveloped RNA Non-Enveloped  DNA Enveloped DNA Non-Enveloped

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