Viral Testing

With more than 30 years of experience and roots within the Pasteur Institute in Paris, Texcell has a long recognized expertise in viral testing with a broad range of protocols for the detection of adventitious agents.

In-vitro Assays: Lytic and haemadsorbing viruses are detected after inoculation of the test article in a sensitive indicator cell line.

  • Virus specificity: Murine, Human, Porcine, Bovine, Insect
  • Available cell lines: SP2/O, NIH3T3, BalbC, MRC-5, HeLa, RD19, 324K, HEK293, PPK, BT, CHO, CHOK, BHK21, Vero, LLCMK2, FrhK-4, NBL6, RK3

In-vivo Assays: Detection of adventitious viruses using embryonated eggs, suckling and adult mice, Guinea pigs. Download our panel of in-vivo detectable adventitious viruses.

Tests are run according to EU and US requirements (ICH 5QA; 1993, 1997 PTC, 9 CFR 113.53, CPMP/BWP/1793/02). Bovine virus detection tests comply with European Pharmacopeia guidelines (BVDV, BAV3, BPV, BTV, BRSV, Reo3, Rabies, PI3, IBRV)

Texcell can test for adventitious viral contaminant your cell banks, bulk harvests as well as your virus seed lots and virus harvests. For testing inactivated virus vaccines, seroneutralization should be performed before inoculation in indicator cell lines. Custom protocols will be used.

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