Cell Line Expansion

Tissue and cell culture techniques are used to grow cells outside of the body in order to study cell behavior or to generate biomaterials for research or clinical use. Tissue culture is a standard technique used in biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries, academic and government research settings. We provide contract manufacturing of client-provided cell lines grown to the desired cell density.


Through client requests, the expansion of cell lines has been a cornerstone of our expertise since 1991:

  • Worked with hundreds of cells lines (adherent/suspension)
  • Routinely bank thousands of vials for various clients per month
  • Expertise working with T-flasks, spinner flasks, T500 plates, roller bottles, cell stacks, Hyperflasks, wave bags, and SUBS
  • Familiar with a variety of harvesting techniques (trypsinization, cell scraping, etc.)


A large number of roller bottle racks and 21 CO2 incubators are available for adherent or suspension cell line expansion of both mammalian and baculovirus-derived cell lines.

Texcell also has a 100 liter Single-Use Bioreactor system available.

All cell culture activities performed at Texcell cell culture facilities are conducted according to GLP regulations.

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