Clonal Selection

Clonal selection broadly defines the laboratory activities associated with generating cell lines derived from a single cell. The isolation of single cells has a broad range of scientific applications including antibody discovery/development, cell line development, and single-cell genomics. To accelerate development of clonal cell lines, Texcell utilizes the Molecular Devices CloneSelect™ f.sight Single-Cell Printer to overcome the shortcomings frequently associated with limiting dilution and flow cytometry-based cell sorting methods. This approach provides image-based evidence for clonality (Figure 1), fast and efficient single-cell deposition based on white or fluorescent light (-80% of printed samples contain a single cell), and excellent post-deposit cell growth.

Figure 1

Furthermore, Texcell utilizes the CloneSelect™ Imager (CSI) to complement the f.sight Single-Cell Printer and provide additional image-based assurance of monoclonality (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Once clonal cell lines have been produced, Texcell offers a wide variety of analytical endpoints (e.g., absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, ELISA, and qPCR) to identify clones that exhibit high-level expression of the gene-of-interest. For additional information, contact our scientific team to discuss how Texcell can customize these services to meet your clonal selection needs.