Research Cell Banking

Frequently, the production of GMP master and working cell banks are unwarranted for non‑GxP R&D activities.
In these instances, Texcell offers the ability to produce R&D master and working cell banks, using GLP-compliant equipment and procedures, but without the added costs associated with GxP quality systems.

To mitigate contamination risks, and in accordance with EMA and FDA requirements, these cell banks are prepared in clean cell culture laboratories, where work with any adventitious agents is prohibited.

Depending on your Cell Banking requirements, the Texcell team can produce a single-tiered Master Cell Bank (MCB), or a two-tiered MCB and MCB-derived Working Cell Bank (WCB).

In addition, these R&D cell banks can be characterized for sterility, mycoplasma, cell identity, purity, gene copy-number, gene expression, and expression stability.

For additional information, please contact Texcell’s experienced cell culture team to discuss your custom R&D cell banking requirements.

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