How to choose the best service provider partner ?


Contract research organisations (CRO) are an integral part of drug development.

  • > 40% of Drug and Discovery process pass by CRO projects.
  • More and more early development steps are devolved to CRO

But how to choose the best Service provider?

The Cs of outsourcing will help you to define the right criteria.


Because we well understand our clients, our commitment is to be your perfect partner following the C’s of outsourcing.

Credibility. Consistent reports well known by the EMA and FDA, for more than 27 years now, our Sponsors entrested us with a wide range of Biosafety and Immuno-monitoring studies.

Capacities. Customer-oriented company, our scientific teams are at your full disposal, with PhD project managers and an R&D team on hand to optimize existing assays or develop new tests on request.

Capabilities. Thanks to our State-of-the art of our Immunology  and Virology platforms enabling us to perform full development, validation and testing of your assays.

Compliance. With an experienced Quality Assurance Team, we have built a strong and robust quality assurance system establishing more than 200 SOP. Our QA system is regularly reviewed by regulatories (ANSM, FDA…).

Communication. Working with Texcell means one point of contact, the project manager. Your project is fully managed at every step and important decisions are always under your agreement. Timelines are under survey and their adjustment always communicated.

Confidence. We share with you any advanced steps as also any issues encountered…Our confidential policy make your work safe from any other sponsors audit at our Facility.

Cost. Save time, save money. Everyone knows that time is money. That’s why Texcell deliver a project at the right cost and is commited to deliver all services in the agreed timelines.


Texcell is your international CRO dedicated to provide GCLP/GLP/GMP biosafety and immunology services to support biopharmaceuticals’ development. We are committed to provide our partners with a flexible and customized service based on our 27 years of expertise.