Immunogenicity using ElectroChemiLuminesence Technology (MesoScale Discovery)


Today’s rapid developments in biologics–including proteins, peptides, therapeutic antibodies, and immunotherapeutics–have resulted in new drug development challenges that require an extensive and in-depth understanding of bioanalysis/immunology and the development of GLP, GCLP, and GMP compliant assays.


We offer full-service development of ElectroChemiLuminesence (MSD) for measuring various analytes: drugs, specific antibodies, cytokines, biomarkers, and many others. Texcell can also ensure the assay transfer from the laboratories of its sponsor for optimization, validation & GLP/GCLP/GMP testing.


  • Ability to multiplex until 10 antigens per well;
  • Coating of antigens on MSD plates without alteration of their 3D-structure (passive fixation);
  • Bridging format to have a species-independent assayMSD
  • Titration assay to obtain semi-quantitative results;
  • ECLIA to have a very wide Working Range (6 logs), particularly relevant for specific antibodies titration that vary widely from animal to animal and from time-point to time-point;
  • High sensitivity : i) decoupling between the activation and the measurement of the luminescent signal, ii) signal not altered by complex matrices as serum or plasma (unlike fluorescence);
  • Very fast reading: The QuickPlex SQ120 reads 30 plates per hour



Texcell is your international CRO dedicated to provide GCLP/GLP/GMP biosafety and immunology services to support biopharmaceuticals’ development. We are committed to provide our partners with a flexible and customized service based on our 27 years of expertise.

Customer-oriented company, our scientific teams are at your full disposal, with PhD project managers and an R&D team on hand to optimize existing assays or develop new tests on request.


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