TEXCELL and ATRI in cooperation agreement






Press release

TEXCELL and ATRI in cooperation agreement

Evry/Taipei, April 22nd 2016

TEXCELL of France and ATRI (Agricultural Technology Research Institute) in Taiwan announce a strategic partnership aimed at offering viral safety service solutions to biotech and pharmaceutical companies operating in the Far East.

TEXCELL is a service provider and proposes a catalogue of:

  • tests for product viral safety
  • services to evaluate the capacity of industrial processes to remove and/or inactivate viruses (more than 30 relevant or model viruses available) and prions.

ATRI has the capacity and experiences to carry out studies in viral clearance and tests on viral safety, and already does this work for its existing customers in TAIWAN.

TEXCELL and ATRI together turned over €9m in 2015 in the areas of cell banking test, lot release test, viral safety, immunoprofiling and cell-based bioassay. Cooperation between the two companies and their 75 dedicated collaborators guarantees growth in the Far East.

« Having already extended its  viral safety activities to the US with TEXCELL North-America , in a new unit at Frederick (Maryland) in 2012, and then last year in Europe at Evry , TEXCELL has now come together with ATRI to offer a similar service to biotech and pharmaceutical customers in Asia,»  said TEXCELL group President and CEO Bernard PLICHON .

« Mutual sharing of the strengths of both partners is an essential point for the future and for establishing new markets in Asia» Dr. Ping-Cheng YANG and Mr. Bernard PLICHON said in a joint statement. They are working together on the strategic partnership in order to exploit the resources and skills of both entities.

TEXCELL has set up a commercial subsidiary named TEXCELL ASIA and based in Taipei (Taiwan). ATRI will carry out studies and tests in its Biosafety testing laboratory.

«The enthusiastic welcome we are receiving from prospective clients in China and Taiwan points to the value of the local  service that we are putting in place and validates Texcell’s strategy of being present on three continents » says Quan Zhang, who will be “Area Sales Manager” with responsibility for promoting TEXCELL in China and Taiwan.

 «TEXCELL’s presence in Asia and its activity in Korea will enable it to develop by offering  an expanded range of services with GLP standards within a 90-minute flight from Seoul to Taipei, » states Daniel WOO, who has been working with TEXCELL for over 7 years and will be responsible for facilitating  TEXCELL ASIA’s activities from Korea.

About TEXCELL France Image2

TEXCELL, a spin-off from the Pasteur Institute, is based at Evry’s Biocluster Genopole near Paris, with more than 2200 m2 of offices and laboratories (L2 & L3). It provides a wide range of services in viral safety and immunological tracking in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices.


Head office : Genavenir 5,  1 rue Pierre Fontaine,  F-91058 Evry cedex,  France

Site : www.texcell.com

About TEXCELL ASIA     Tx Asia

Head office: 101 Tower, N° 7. Section 5, Xynil Road, Taipei 101, Taiwan

The company was set up in August 2015 and will be TEXCELL group’s profit centre in the Far East.

Site: www.texcell.com

About ATRI (Agricultural Technology Research Institute) ATRI 2

Head office: N°1, Ln.51, Dahu Rd., Xiangshan Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan R.O.C.

Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) was established in January 2014, with the support of Council of Agriculture (COA).  ATRI has its mission to strengthen the commercialization, industrialization and globalization of research results related to agriculture and biotech in Taiwan.
This increases the value-added application of research results, assisting the integration of R&D results and bridging with the industry, counseling industry to intensify the advantages of R& D after undertaking the technology transfer.
Site : www.atri.org.tw