Virus Panel

What Viruses Should I Test?

Selecting your virus panel depends on the unique characteristics of your product. Accounting for raw material inputs and environmental variables are instrumental when selecting your virus panel. Through Texcell’s virus panel, you can find the viruses that best meet your testing needs

Typical Viruses Evaluated During a Viral Clearance Study Include: 

  • RNA Enveloped (HIV-1, XMuLV, EMuLV, & BVDV)
  • RNA Non-enveloped (Reo 3, HAV, & Polio)
  • DNA Enveloped (PRV & HSV)
  • DNA Non-enveloped (PPV, MVM, & SV40)

Texcell’s Virus Stocks

Texcell produces high-titer, virus stocks for use in our Viral Clearance studies. A diverse virus panel is available that covers a broad spectrum of physiochemical properties and viral classifications. Extra-pure virus stocks are available for use during virus filtration process steps. These stocks are prepared using proprietary purification methods that result in highly purified final virus products having low DNA and protein concentrations.

Considerations when choosing an appropriate virus panel should take into account:

  • The risk associated with the product
  •  Choosing appropriate representative viruses
  • Covering a broad spectrum of viral characteristics

A list of viruses available for your Viral Clearance spiking studies can be downloaded here: Virus Panel

Texcell staff has experience executing Viral Clearance studies that evaluate diverse types of chromatography resins and membranes, virus inactivation treatments, and virus filtration processes.

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